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Kwame Asiedu of Braintoy shares how Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world. It is his goal to make AI in Canada and the world more accessible and easier to implement.

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Host: Lindsay Skabar is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Bōde, Canada’s first online real estate marketplace. Giving customers choice and access are central to her personal and business philosophy. Before her career in tech and real estate, Lindsay served on the Global Business Development team at Axia, which brought high performing, low-cost fibre optic internet to rural Alberta and globally to the USA, France and Singapore. She participates in humanitarian work around the world and in her hometown of Calgary. She continues to be committed to non-profit work in the form of board engagements. Former Chair of Aids Calgary and Chair of the Branch Out Neurological Foundation for many years. Lindsay now sits on the Mount Royal University Foundation Board. She studied business and marketing at Bishop’s University. Lindsay is focused on scaling Bōde across Canada, and eventually, internationally.

Guest: Kwame Asiedu is a data scientist, entrepreneur, educator and machine learning visionary who is passionate about empowering the next generation of AI and ML users. As co-founder and Co-CEO of Calgary’s Braintoy, Asiedu is bringing an accessible and affordable machine learning platform to large, small and medium-sized businesses around the world. With clients in Canada, Ghana, Kuwait, Germany and Bangladesh, Braintoy is Canada’s first low code/no code machine learning solution helping businesses with AI-powered decision support. With a background in data science and architecture with Shaw, Enmax and ATB, Asiedu has helped a variety of industries leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize business performance. Asiedu is a co-creator and instructor of the Applied AI and ML Bootcamp at SAIT, and has delivered introductory AI and ML workshops to junior school students throughout the Calgary Board of Education.   

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Show Quotes:

“So we believe that AI as has been called the next electricity is a general purpose technology that is going to disrupt every industry. And so you cannot scale it by just hiring unicorns or bringing people in who will always solve your problems for you. Everybody has domain knowledge. So the best way to scale it is to empower people to do it.”

“We’ve had people who have taken some of these online courses, even master’s degree in data science, and they will still come and join the bootcamp. Why? Because it was not applied. So we focused on applied artificial intelligence. And through that, we created a curriculum that will teach you the principles of machine learning.”


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