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Every idea starts with a problem. Current Machine Learning/AI platforms are too complex and expensive. They are either built for one-off models or prevent you from creating custom and tailored solutions. 

Braintoy was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective; to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) easy to build and scale at a revolutionary pace, while leading the way in unifying model creation processes across the business. 

In 2008, Dr. Padma Paul discovered a powerful connection between data processing and model building while working on an 11GB electroencephalogram (EEG) signal and 3D motion data task to process brain signals with many algorithms, to find unknown relations among 11 subjects. After careful study, he found a unique way to build, store, and connect thousands of models that are highly accessible and easily integrated. This eliminates repetitive writing, copying and pasting of code for other experiments; a process that creates a high degree of inefficiency, especially when considering finite resources. 

In 2011, Padma met Kwame Asiedu, while doing his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Calgary. Kwame is a geomatics engineer with a computer science background and is passionate about reducing redundancies in building machine learning models such as the drudgery of copying and pasting code, building one-off models, and repeating redundant activities. Kwame is convinced that AI is meant to make our lives easier and therefore technologies for building AI should not be complex but rather, easy and simple. 

When Padma and Kwame started working as data scientists and architects they realized that these problems were exacerbated in the industry by the current developers of solutions. Developers struggled to build models and each had a different way of doing things, using different tools, replicating redundant activities, and struggled to piece them together. 

In 2017, the duo met Amit Varma, a serial entrepreneur who was passionate about making it easy for anyone to build and apply machine learning to solve problems in his job and company but found it difficult to do so. Amit believes that technology is of no use if it cannot be used. AI is useful but expensive, complex, and limited to a selected few. That had to change. 

With an aligned vision between these three, Braintoy was born. 

At Braintoy, we believe that an AI platform should provide a uniform and consistent way of creating, managing, and monitoring many models quickly using any data, be it tabular, text or vision, while eliminating redundancies. And Braintoy provides just that. We provide the ability to customize and create tailored solutions that are accessible, simple, and easy to use. Braintoy helps organizations to build, manage, and monitor models at scale. 

Braintoy also believes in democratizing access to AI/ML. In fact, we think every digital citizen has the ability to learn and use this emerging technology. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and teaching others how to leverage the benefits of AI to serve humanity better. Since 2020, we have partnered with SAIT’s School of Advanced Digital Technology to lead an Applied Machine Learning Bootcamp. We’ve even taken our technology to junior high schools in Calgary to empower the next generation of AI/ML users. 

There is nothing complicated about it. We can help you easily integrate ethical AI technology to transform your business. 

With Braintoy, the future is accessible now.