AI for all,
building capacity for the future

Partnering & empowering through education

We partner with educational institutions and organizations where our goal is to empower everyone with the principles of machine learning and AI and how it could be leveraged to solve meaningful problems. We work to provide foundational, citizen based – low-code or no-code programs and advanced programs for coding enthusiasts.

Braintoy works to build capacity with:

  • Women in technology
  • Indigenous & First Nations
  • New immigrants
  • Mid-career professionals
  • Unemployed
  • Undergraduate students
  • Youth education

We provide our partners:

  • Applied ml curriculum (tailored based on the level of students)
  • Personal instructor(s)
  • Secured ml platform
  • Secured infrastructure
  • Guidance and recommendations on programs
  • and much more

Current developed programs:

Most people, young and old, students and professionals may be digital natives, but most are digitally naive. They know little to nothing about how AI technology works. And few of them appreciate that smart machines are reshaping the employment landscape and challenging social norms.

Shouldn’t everyone know about the most important change force that will influence their lives and livelihoods? We think so!

That’s why we created a unique hands-on curriculum and AI platform that makes it easy to teach high school, university students, and mid-career professionals to understand the fundamentals of AI, and practically apply artificial intelligence techniques to solve problems. Our programs include:

Machine Learning/AI Awareness

AI Fundamentals

AI 4 Youth

Foundational Applied Machine Learning/AI

Applied Machine Learning/AI

Applied ML/AI Leadership

Through dedication, commitment, hands-on mentorship, and workplace integrated learning opportunities, Braintoy provides support to immigrant and Indigenous women experiencing barriers to employment. Our partnership with Braintoy has contributed to the success of our student’s gaining employment in the IT sector.”

Shalzah VisramWomen in Technology Program Manager