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AI Solution

mlOS - The Production AI/ML Platform for MLOps.

The potential of Artificial Intelligenceis for everyone.

But very few people are able to use it.

Braintoymakes AI accessible.

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For Developers

who struggle with the complexity of machine learning, Braintoy makes it easy to build and deploy ML models in your applications.

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For Development Teams

who struggle to collaborate when building and deploying machine learning in your products, Braintoy simplifies collaboration.

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For Businesses

who struggle to afford and develop AI solutions that can increase their competitiveness, Braintoy makes AI feasible.

A production machine learning platformwith extreme speed and control

mlOS is loaded with features that make it easy to build, deploy, and monitor models at scale.

Speed Features
Control Features
Collaboration Features

Braintoy's mlOS is a first of its kind.

A production machine learning platform
for people who need to build AI, FAST!

How Would Artificial Intelligence Supercharge Your Business?

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