Making AI Accessible to Everyone

Through Low Code, No Code AI, Creative Solutions & Education

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The Brain

Simplyfing complexity

  • We are Canada’s first low code/no-code applied AI platform with built-in MLOps
  • Build, deploy, and manage 1000+ models and APIs at scale.
  • We work with Organizations in Energy, Financial services, Health, Local Communities, and more! 

Building Capacity

Make Empowering

  • We collaborate with educational institutions and organizations to educate students on the power of AI
  • Braintoy safeguards the privacy and information of young individuals.

Stop Struggling, Start Solving

Ai application & Delivery

  • Experiment, build, and deploy production machine learning solutions.

  • Enjoy the triple benefit of reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and increasing profitability.

The Brain

Our Machine Learning Operating System (mlOS) is a platform designed for machine learning/AI tasks.

mlOS offers a uniform and consistent approach for creating, managing, and monitoring multiple models rapidly, regardless of the data type (tabular, text, or vision).

mlOS serves as a model creation pipeline, enabling organizations to build, manage, and monitor models at scale.

The platform allows for customization and the creation of tailored solutions that are accessible, user-friendly, and adaptable.

Building Capacity

In today’s world, AI is as indispensable as electricity, and it is crucial for organizations and individuals to harness its potential. At Braintoy, we are committed to empowering everyone with AI knowledge and partnering with educational institutions and organizations to achieve this common goal.

Stop Struggling, Start Solving

Stop Struggling,
Start Solving



Health Care


Supply Chain



Public Sector


Energy Sector Solutions

Explore how Braintoy addresses the common challenges companies face when adopting AI technologies. Many businesses perceive AI as confusing, expensive, and labor-intensive, hindering their adoption efforts.
Discover how Braintoy simplifies the AI journey, enabling companies to harness the power of AI for their growth and success.

Financial Services Solutions

AI helps Trufla better serve its customers

AI helps Trufla better serve its customers

Explore how Braintoy tackles the data challenge faced by the insurance industry and collaborates with Trufla to unlock the transformative power of data-driven insights.
Discover the possibilities of enhancing business practices and revolutionizing the insurance sector through data utilization.



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