Do I need big data to start using mlOS?

No. You need good data, not big data. Start developing use cases around the good data in your organization. Companies have built production ml solutions with a few hundred records and are reaping huge benefits. Others have built production solutions on millions and even billions of records. But the point is, you do not need big data to start embracing and adopting AI.

Do I need to fix all data quality issues before using mlOS?

No. If you want to fix all the data quality issues before you start building ml solutions you may never start. Start with the little good data you have, and then continue to build upon it. mlOS could help you fix some of those quality problems during the ml development process as well. Braintoy will provide experts to support you in this endeavour.

Does mlOS work for small enterprises?

mlOS is built for small, medium and large enterprises. No matter your size, mlOS and Braintoy can help you use AI/ML to benefit your organization and create solutions for today and tomorrow.

Does Braintoy collect our data when we use mlOS?

You are the owner and custodian of your data. Braintoy does not collect or store any of your data.

How long does it take to implement mlOS?

In a matter of weeks you can be up and running. If you are on google cloud and amazon web service already, it will take 2 weeks – 4 weeks on Azure and 4 weeks on private cloud and on-prem.

Do I have to change my internal architecture and ecosystem of technologies to use mlOS?

No. mlOS will fit right into your existing architecture and systems. It is interoperable and conforms to existing frameworks, standards, procedures, processes and methodologies.

What happens if I need support for mlOs?

Organizations using mlOS get premium support. Contact us for more information or with any questions or challenges you have. We are happy to work alongside your team.

Who can be a mlOS user?

Domain experts, data scientists, MLOps engineers, model risk managers, IT and data leaders and anyone who loves data.

Need support?

Have questions about your mlOS platform access or supplied solutions? Contact your Braintoy rep with any technical or support questions.