mlOS is your

unified pipeline for building, deploying, monitoring and scaling production models

Your highly efficient modelling factory

Our machine learning operating system (mlOS) is a machine learning/AI platform that provides a uniform and consistent way of creating, managing, and monitoring many models quickly on any data, be it tabular, text or vision while eliminating redundancies. With mlOS, you can customize and create tailored solutions that are accessible, simple, and easy to use. It is a model creation pipeline that is helping organizations build, manage, and monitor models at scale. This highly efficient model factory makes machine learning operations easy, supporting organizations to efficiently build new solutions, and integrating ml into legacy applications.

From months to days

With mlOS, building production machine learning/AI solutions no longer require a 10 to 15 member scrum that still takes you six months to complete. You could build production machine learning models in hours and put them to work in production in days.

mlOs – Available in 4 modes:

Visual ml

Data to dashboards in a matter of clicks.


Auto ml

Sit back and autopilot your model or application.


Expert ml

Build custom solutions or build from scratch.


Youth ml

Ethical and secure to protect our youth and their information.


Deploy anywhere:

Private or public cloud




Extreme speed and control

Unifying the use of data; ensuring data consistency across the pipeline.

I would say our process, before Braintoy, was somewhere between inefficient and cumbersome. It was hurting velocity. The mlOS platform has helped our clients create a less cumbersome way of generating a lead and reducing the friction in that process by making it easier for potential customers to get a ballpark estimate on insurance by only entering a few variables. This also decreases the client acquisition costs for brokers, which tend to be some of the highest of all industries.”

Philip CiunkiewiczTrufla, Senior Data Scientist

Braintoy helped us bootstrap our AI lab in a very short time where we were able to quickly develop, test and deploy AI driven features in a record time for all of our clients”

Wassim SalibTrufla, CTO

The real value, in my opinion, is that we were able to focus on the data science part and make the algorithm that’s going to produce a good answer. We could focus on that because the mlOS software productionalized or built all of the pipelines for us.”

Filipe LuciniData Scientist, MEG Energy

My experience interning with Braintoy has been amazing. The entire team is extremely helpful and always gave me time whenever I approached them. They patiently explained AI concepts and directed me towards some good resources. This environment was perfect to help me grow and learn about this field. The team is extremely good at making machine learning models tailored to solve specific business problems and this made working with them a rare and wonderful opportunity."

Gurnoor Bhangu

Braintoy's founders are truly experts in the fields of machine learning and data science. I found their on-hands workshop to be easy to follow and a great way to learn about AI while building a ML model."

Adam Singfield

mlOS has empowered our machine learning capabilities.”

Mark AndreasEngineer and Digital Lead, MEG Energy