About Braintoy's Rebellious Spirit & Lofty Objective

To make Artificial Intelligence (AI) accessible to everyone!


starts with a problem.

Everyone knows that AI is useful. But why is machine learning complex and expensive?

We made it our mission to solve this problem and make the power of AI accessible.

The result is a production machine learning platform called mlOS.

Unlike other AI platforms that are designed for one-off snowflake modeling,

mlOS empowers developers, teams, and businesses to build, manage, and monitor models at scale.

How Their Mission Started

Braintoy’s founders combined their superpowers…

Padma Paul

Padma Polash Paul

Just like a food truck, I want to create an “AI truck” that contains all the utensils and recipes to make and serve intelligence on any dataset.

Kwame Asiedu

Kwame Asiedu

I want to make AI capabilities accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world.

Amit Varma

Amit Varma

Technology cannot be useful if it cannot be used. I want to simplify AI for everyone.

Theirjourneyis just beginning.

But there are 3 things aboutmachine learningthat they know for certain.

Modeling is about fast experiments

ML does not need to be complex

Work is easy with good tools