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Most companies struggle with AI adoption because they think it’s too confusing, too expensive and labour intensive – Braintoy makes it easy, fast and affordable. Using our proven scientific applied AI methodology, Braintoy will help you discover opportunities for AI in your organization, experiment, build and deploy production machine learning solutions that will help you enjoy the triple benefit of AI – reduce cost, increase efficiencies, and increase profitability.

Use case delivery

When we build solutions for you, we will empower your team with the ability to train and update machine learning models. All your team needs is their domain expertise, which they have already. You cannot scale machine learning solutions by always having consultants come back to update solutions. We believe the best way to scale is to empower domain experts to build, update and add to developed solutions. 

So once we build one solution for you, we will transfer the knowledge to your team and empower them to express their domain expertise to train models, update models, deploy models and build more use cases.

How we work with you

Our approach to solving problems where we will co-create solutions to positively impact your organization. You provide the domain experts in your organization, we will provide the needed SME’s and experts for each stage including Applied AI SME’s and facilitators, Data scientist(s), Data Engineer(s), Business Analyst(s), ML Engineer(s), Model risk manager(s), MLOps Engineer(s), Cloud Architect(s), Security Architect(s), AI developer(s), Software engineer(s) and Product Manager(s).

Empower your organization identity opportunities for AI

Run foundational ml workshops with various business areas. Understanding your business to tailor ml workshops.

Ideate to identify use cases with data source and prioritize based on feasibility and value to your organization

Business model canvas. Design thinking sessions.

Proof of concept (POC)

Exploratory data analysis. Develop models on data for identified use case(s). Use ethical AI principles to govern models. Validate model on unseen data. Ascertain business value.

Build and operationalize

Build /Integrate models into new or legacy applications. Automate pipeline for monitoring and updating solution(s).

Monitor and optimize production models

Set thresholds for model decay. Retrain models. Optimize as data changes.

Successful solutions built for:

Healthcare, Telecom, Energy, Finance, Insurance, Supply Chain, Transportation, Manufacturing, Automotive, Public Sector, Agriculture… and more!

Use case delivery solutions

Workplace safety for construction/mining

Computer vision solution to detect if field agents wear proper gear/PPE before, supporting work safety management.

Solar panel fault detection 

Detects faults in solar cells in a solar farm with infra-red images captured by drones. Models are deployed to drones that automatically detect faults.

Visual product search

Computer vision solution for ecommerce businesses. Allows you to take a picture of any product, search online or from an existing database to find and recommend similar products.

Biological Cell detection and recognition

Computer vision solution that predicts the probability of blood clot for a surgical patient using microscopic blood cell images.

Wildlife counting 

With cameras rolling in the field, forest or site 24 hours a day through the year, this computer vision solution detects different types of wildlife captured by the cameras.

Forest fire 

This solution detects and alerts forest fires in real-time. It uses infra-red/RGB images captured from cameras installed on drones flown through an area.

Emission detection 

Using infra-red/RGB images captured from cameras installed on drones flown at O&G sites, this solution detects emission of poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen.

Government/legal document categorization

Documents from municipalities and governments are categorized for better management and usability. This solution is used by law enforcement and agencies to identify similar cases.

Document summarization

This solution goes through thousands of government documents at the same time, summarizes the content in each document and provides the top few topics or subjects common to the documents.

Customer impressions from product review 

From comments and reviews of a product, this solution can determine the sentiments of customers about a product.

Virtual Metering of Oil production

This solution creates virtual wells and test separators that are managed in the office. Operators are able to optimize parameters like steam, pressure, and water to determine how much steam injected could yield the best possible oil output from specific wells.

Pipeline leak detection

This solution detects leaks in pipelines in the field. The data is captured from sensors, video taken via drones, and distributed acoustic sensing technology. Leaks are detected in areas difficult or even dangerous for people to go. Additionally, it proactively predicts leaks along pipelines before they occur.

Asset failure detection

This solution detects and predicts potential failure in assets before they occur. Successfully applied to assets such as generators, transformers, and electricity cables spanning over 200 kilometres.

Insurance premium prediction

Creating convenience for customers shopping for insurance by predicting and recommending a customer’s insurance premium by requesting only 5 fields of information instead of the typical 50 or more.

Credit risk prediction 

This solution helps financial institutions detect the trustworthiness of a client looking for a loan. It has also been used to predict which debtors might be delinquent.

Dealership service recommendations

Solution proactively recommends new vehicle sales, servicing packages and other accessories to customers of a dealership to increase yearly revenues.

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