The AI platform for developers who need to produce models, FAST!

Because your clients depend on you to deploy machine learning in their applications, now.

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As a developer, you may face challenges
when putting ML in your apps.

It Doesn't Need to Be This Way

Braintoymakes AI accessible.

Now, you can usemachine learningto solve problems, wow clients & win more work.

With mlOS, you can...

Start Solving Problems TodayTake the ML Challenge

Don’t delay your goals because AI takes forever. With mlOS, you can start putting machine learning to use today.

We challenge you to accomplish this in 7 days or less! The first 100 subscribers to complete their ML Challenge will be rewarded with a lifetime pricing plan!

Not sure if you can do it? We’ll help! On signing up for a Free Trial, you will get sample data and easy-to-follow steps. We believe that you’ll be deploying models at scale by the end of your ML Challenge.

Braintoy's mlOS is a first of its kind.

A production machine learning platform
for developers who need to build AI, FAST!

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