deep water diving

High School Computer Science Pains

Many students are hesitant to immerse themselves in computer science. They may think to themselves, “I don’t know where to start” and may be discouraged by the thought of the amount of time and dedication the learning process may take.

As a student, I’ve been intimidated by these as well. I doubted my abilities as I had never been involved in any extracurricular activities related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. I had convinced myself that it was too late. But I was surprised to see how quickly I was able to learn after starting with Braintoy!

Diving into machine learning and artificial intelligence is similar to diving into the waters of the coral reef in Fiji. The ocean is deep and unexplored. Similarly, I felt that the world of computing constantly changes and is not fully explored. Both are unknown worlds in which beginners are interested in exploring but stray away from as they feel that it is too difficult to proceed with, despite the fact that it is so simple for anyone to begin. The reality is that as a student with no knowledge of this topic, I can learn the very basics with the help of the correct resources, without spending countless hours and amounts of money.

The language of computer science is universal and our world runs off this technology. The result is that there are infinite resources available for any student to begin their journey, under any circumstances. Ranging from books, video tutorials, and online platforms, there are various ways in which students can begin their journey with ease. There is a wide range of different coding languages and students may feel overwhelmed not knowing where to begin. It is a common belief among students that only when they learn languages such as Python or HTML, will they be able to do Data Science.

I learnt that you are able to do machine learning without knowing anything about coding. In this day and age, the tools of learning have changed, making it more efficient and easier than ever for students such as myself to begin their journey of learning.

3 things I want to tell the world:

  1. Take a path that’s best for you. Your way doesn’t have to be the same as others
  2. Your doubts are your biggest obstacle
  3. It is never too late to begin anything